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Yoon yona of the dawn

The character that I just want to be happy: ALL OF THEM, but Yona, Hak, Shin-ah and Zeno especially give them a break. My four favorite characters, past or present: Yona, Lili, Hak, Yun My four least favorite characters, past or present: uhhhh the drug dealer guy with a scar, that first dude Yona killed, Ki-ja’s dad, the current bad guy of this arc. all the good guys are pretty.

I love my best boy okay.

1920x1200 Akatsuki No Yona, Hak Son, Yona, Yun, Japanese Manga - Akatsuki No Yona Wall Paper - HD Wallpaper & Background Download"> Download. ... Flowers, Friends, Smile, Palace, Dawn Yona, Yona, Akatsuki No Yona, Soo Won,.

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Yona and Hak, covered in wounds from protecting the princess, are saved by the Priest Ik-Soo and his caretaker Yoon living on the valley floor.

Fantasy. At the age of nineteen, Jae-Sung knows two things for certain: one, Princess Yona, Lord Soo-Won, and General Hak are perhaps the best friends one could ever ask.

The Dragon Warriors - Akatsuki no yona////yona of the dawn, Dragon Warriors, Throughout time there have been many Dragon Warriors always born one after the other. Once a new dragon warrior is born the previous dragon warriors powers are slowly sucked away until they die and the new ones then gain the same amount of power as the previous.

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